The technological transformation of the E-bike market

Now that the process of digitalization is slowly taking over every single aspect of our reality, the E-bike industry also embraces some of the bravest modern software solutions available. Though slowly and gradually, some of them are bound to become significantly widespread in the near future, and that’s why we’re going to tell you a bit more about them in the following article. Brace yourself, because the future has already arrived.

Built-in batteries and motors are already a pretty common sight, which can make the e-bike almost indistinguishable from a conventional bike, at least for the unexperienced eye. Built-in batteries and motors provide a stylish, slimmer and cleaner look. This is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also a general improvement which affects weight, speed and battery efficiency for both urban and mountain e-bikes.

Wireless and smartphone-friendly technologies are more and more often implemented in the products of different E-bike brands. Smartphones can be easily mounted on the handlebar and used for various purposes - from providing data on the e-bike’s performance, to providing access to online and offline navigation software. Some advanced software solutions include a collision sensor, which automatically record and save a video of the last few minutes before a crash or an accident. 

Tailored mobile apps are making all of the above possible. The smartphone hub of the e-bike allows a connection and transmission of e-bike data and controls. The potential cycler-experience improvements to follow are literally unlimited - from a rearview camera to advanced geolocation, IoT features and instant online support. 

Advanced locking and unlocking methods are meant to prevent theft in a number of intelligent, border sci-fi ways. Some of them include fingerprint protection, smartphone pattern unlocking and even a sophisticated motion sensor, which can detect and prevent unauthorized movements of the e-bike. This is a perfect way to guarantee your long-lasting investment when deciding to buy yourself an e-bike. 

The e-bike industry is a relatively new one, so we are more than sure that a significant number of its technological improvements are still around the corner, waiting to be launched.