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Frequently Asked Questions

It is hard to say exactly how far you will be able to ride on a single charge but most eBike cyclists have no problem reaching their destination on a single charge. The actual range of an electric bike will vary depending on many things including; the gradient of the road or trail, your average speed, the capacity of the battery and the power mode that you use.

All of our eBikes feature lithium ion batteries that can be charged in 3-4 hours from flat depending on the battery capacity. Electric bike batteries are rechargeable both on and off the bike giving you the option to recharge your eBike in the office after a long commute.

While eBikes are significantly heavier than regular bikes you won't notice this extra weight when you ride one. Most pedal assisted eBikes also have a push assist button so the bike won’t even feel heavy when you walk with it. Averaging around 30kg you will however notice the extra weight if you need to lift one onto a car rack. Of course you can always remove the battery to reduce the weight before you lift it.

Yes, you can put an eBike on a regular car rack, but you should be aware of the weight limit of the rack as well as the weight of the bikes. Check the maximum load capacity of your car rack as a rack with a maximum load capacity of 30kg is only suitable for one eBike.

You can ride an eBike as fast as you like but you will only get help from the electric motor up to 32kph. The electric assist is limited by law and all of our eBikes conform to this 32kph limit.

Nm, or Newton meters, is the amount of torque the motor has available. We offer three different levels of motors, Life (60Nm), Sport (80Nm) and Pro (80Nm). While bigger can be better, don’t just focus on the numbers. E-bike motors vary in weight, responsiveness (acceleration of the bike) and support levels, which can all affecthow an E-bike rides.

No, although this isn't because of any technical limitation, it's just simply because of the location of the charging port would interfere with the ability to ride the E-bike. Even without this limitation, we wouldn't recommend doing it, as it's not good for the long term health of the battery.

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