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14 Oct How do e-bikes contribute to the urban environment
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E-bikes are among the most recent great contributions to the concept of green, emission-free transportation around the big city. Pedaling an e-bike along the streets is beneficial in a number of ways - both for the riders themselves and for everyone around them. We are going to review all of these conveniences in the following paragraphs.A fast and..
07 Oct How to prolong the life of your e-bike battery
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One of the main concerns of people eager to buy their first own e-bike is the proper way to manage the battery health. As we already mentioned in one of our previous articles (hyperlink), the average life expectancy of nickel batteries is around 500 charge cycles, and of lithium batteries - about 1000 charge cycles. After that, their efficiency gra..
06 Nov Hi-tech E-bikes or the technological transformation of the E-bike market
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The technological transformation of the E-bike marketNow that the process of digitalization is slowly taking over every single aspect of our reality, the E-bike industry also embraces some of the bravest modern software solutions available. Though slowly and gradually, some of them are bound to become significantly widespread in the near future, an..
16 Jul The basics: structure and functionalities of the E-bike
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With the rising awareness of certain ecological issues, more and more people nowadays are looking for a fast, easy and convenient way to drive around town in a modern and eco-friendly manner. E-bikes are becoming an increasingly popular solution for both urban and mountain cyclers who are aiming for the perfect balance between speed, functionality ..
15 Jul Your most important questions about NorthEbikes answered
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As a result of the ever-developing global discussion on climate change and eco-friendliness, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular among people all over the world. NorthEBike is an e-bike brand which existed far before this discourse ever happened to be so widespread. That time gave us the possibility to develop, test and improve the features o..
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