The recent events that took place as the global pandemic unfolded made us all reconsider our lifestyle along with our physical and leisure activities.  

Physical distancing and social isolation are quite an unusual thing to happen to the modern human being. That's why we are continually seeking to find a way to hack isolation while keeping ourselves and everyone around us safe, aren't we? Well, guess what - we have some really encouraging news for you.

Riding a NorthEbike e-bike might happen to be precisely the resolution you have been looking for all along. And now, we will give you some of the basic reasons why. 

#1 It provides an absolutely safe kind of outdoor experience

Our city and mountain NorthEbike e-bike versions guarantee a sound and pleasurable ride on every terrain - from the local city park to the harsh grounds around the Canadian mountains. Cycling with an e-bike won't get you in touch with anything except for your own belongings - so you won't have to worry about yourself or the others around you. Also, it presupposes zero bodily contact or close encounters that might get you contaminated by accident. 

#2 It will keep you active until the isolation is done with

In the long run, reduced physical and outdoor activities are no less risky as the virus itself, some specialists suggest. That is why you аre bound to find a way to get your daily dose of sunlight, fresh air, and muscle toning, no matter what. Touring the mountains on an e-bike is a brilliant way to combine safety with motion and sports. The e-bike is designed to support both pedaling and assisted cycling, so you will be free to personalize the level of physical effort needed to finish the trip. Sounds a lot better than the exercise bike in your fitness center, doesn't it?

#3 You don't need to go by yourself

Doing sports in crowded spaces such as the park or a sports hall is still not confirmed safe by experts. Thankfully, traveling the Canadian mountains on an e-bike is a different piece of cake. You can do it by yourself or with your friends, as long as you keep your discipline during the short breaks along the way. Cycling itself is a zero contact endeavor that is generally safe for practicing in small groups, especially if organized a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

#4 It is as easy as pie

NorthEbike e-bikes are eco-friendly, safe, and remarkably easy to handle. There is virtually nothing you have to worry about, as long as you keep an eye on the basics

Intrigued yet? Stay tuned on the NorthEbike blog to keep receiving the latest bits and bobs about our products and the notable improvements they could bring to your everyday life, even (or mostly) during the times of pandemic.

Stay safe and keep on cycling!